Hello, I’m Beth Sparrow, the founder and one-woman band behind Meryn. In 2005, whilst studying for my degree, I made my first belt using a photocopied instruction pamphlet. It was a red leather belt with a brass buckle and everything about it was completely and utterly unloveable. How that particular belt sparked my love for leather I’ll never quite understand, but it was my first link to one of the most incredible natural materials on earth and the rest as they say, is history. 

Over the last twelve years, I’ve developed what started very much as a hobby into something a bit more serious. Several hundred belts later, I now work from my little independent studio shop in Wantage, south Oxfordshire. Every day I brew some coffee, put the radio on and get to work. Using supple, vegetable tanned shoulders or whole hides of buttery soft leather and solid brass buckles handmade in one of the last existing foundries in Great Britain, I handcraft every piece that leaves my workshop. Whether I’m making a bag, a belt or a dog collar, I work in this manner because I can rely on the honesty of the techniques involved and the integrity of the materials I am bringing together.

Leather really is a magnificent material. With months of use leather will record the scratches and scuffs of everyday life in the most glorious fashion, in time developing an enviable patina. It is my sole intention that your Meryn product will travel with you through life becoming more and more a part of your story. My hope is that you won’t ever want to get rid of it because the longer you have it, the more worn in and shiny it’ll become, and home-grown character makes the things we own irreplaceable. 

I believe in making products that last and I believe that longevity is worth investing in. If we can all buy better quality products, we'll need fewer things in our lives and not only does that mean that we are investing in beautiful items that are a pleasure to use and wear, it also means that in the long run we’ll all generate less waste for this beautiful planet of ours to handle.

Thank you for following my story.

Beth x